Hole in the Dyke



Johan Vorenkamp, (1956) Groningen, the Netherlands

Studied art school in Groningen (Academie Minerva)
Worked (freelance) for various design/advertising agencies
Co-founder INZ Designgroup
Co-founder BubbleOS project
Founder and director Hole in the Dyke

Hole in the Dyke is a small independant design studio with a wide network of partners. Amongst the creative designers and programmers I regulary work with are:

Graphic designer and programmer Gerhard Dalenoort
Copywriter Frans Visser
Graphic designer Addy Speelman
Action script programmer Santiago Caballero
System Administrator JJ Spreij
Programmer Maarten Spreij
Programmer Dailos Aday Medina Méndez

How to find us: Hole in the Dyke in Google maps